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About Horny Cat

Hi!  My name is Cat and I'm the designer, jeweller and metalsmith behind Horny Cat. 

  I have been making jewellery for 16 years, 7 of which as a professional. 


I have studied classic jewellery at École de Joaillerie de Montréal and graduated in 2011.  I also took several mastering classes to perfect and broaden my jewellery skills.

My academic and professional journey have given me tools to express a darkness I have inside of me.  Instead of letting the overwhelming emotions I was experimenting destroy me, I found in jewellery a way to channel them into what I think are objects of beauty.

i create with many styles such as punk the aesthetic and bdsm fashion, and Themes such as death, violence, pain and subversion are at the center of my creations.  My goal is to create statement pieces that speak for themselves and that don't need introduction.  I create for the rebels at heart, the people that don't let the mainstream tendencies define what they wear.  The free spirits that like to defy norms with class.  

Horny Cat is a one women business that uses only unique and OOAk designs.  Everything is made by hand.



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