HI!  my name is Cat, and I'm the designer, jeweller and metal smith behind Horny Cat Jewelry.


Welcome to my site where you'll find alternative and dark jewellery, all created and crafted by me.

My mission is to create pieces that appeal to people that chose a darker aesthetic, whatever style they feel they relate to. 

About me


I have been making jewellery for 15 years, 6 of which as a professional. 


I have studied classic jewellery at École de Joaillerie de Montréal and graduated in 2011.  I also took several mastering classes to perfect and broaden my jewellery skills.

My academic and professional journey have given me tools to express a darkness I have inside of me.  Instead of letting the overwhelming emotions I was experimenting destroy me, I found in jewellery a way to channel them into what I think are objects of beauty.

i explore  many styles as my imagination takes me on many roads, but i always stay on the alternative side as this is where my soul belongs.